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What's Portabloc?

31 October 2023

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Pb is a tiny CMS for creative coders.

Create a beautiful blog just from Markdown files. Drag and drop them to your /posts folder. Portabloc will do the rest ✨🪄

Small and easy, as technology should be.

Pb is a minimalist CMS, lightweight and easily customizable. For those who want to create simple and modern sites without complex deployments.


You can host it locally, on a shared hosting, on a VPS...


First steps

  1. Unzip the Portabloc.zip file in the directory where your domain is pointing to.
  2. Edit the app/config.ini file and change the value of the following variable to the domain of your site:
    -> site.url = 'https://yoursite.url'
  3. Edit the rest of the variables with your personal info:
    -> blog.title
    -> blog.description
    -> blog.image
    -> blog.author
  4. Add your first entry in the posts/ directory, be sure to follow this format when naming it:
    2023-11-01_title-entry.md (the underscore separates the date from the slug).
  5. Edit the entry in Markdown format. Here is a cheat sheet:
    Learn Markdown in Y Minutes
  6. Portabloc allows you to add tags to your entry simply with a comment written as follows:
    # Hello, this is my first entry
    <!--tags: ideas,thoughts,postit-->
    This is the content of the post, blablabla....
  7. Save changes to your post and visit your website, your content is now published!
  8. The feed.xml file will auto-generate to get your RSS up to date.
  1. You can also serve Markdown as static pages outside the blog. Simply create them in the static/ folder. You don't need to put the date in the filename, just the slug, like this: page-title.md
  2. To add the pages to the menu, add their titles and urls to the config file, as it follows:
    link.header.1 = "About","https://yoursite.url/about"
    link.header.2 = "Hello World","https://yoursite.url/hello-world

Get Portabloc

Portabloc is free software.
This software is provided without warranties under under AGPL v.3.0 license. You can use it without limitations, study it, modify it and redistribute it under the same license.